LIFE MEMBER :  A life member gets the benefit of having free medicine [single doses at a time] throughout his life time. Preventive medicine is provided cost throughout his life. Preference will be given for admitting in to any of the hospital of the trust. Discount will be allowed on the medicines supplied by the trust. Horoscope of the member is supplied free of cost and yearly advice given on the probable diseases and other problems like financial, family etc. the member is going to suffer in the coming year. Remedial measures will be suggested. It is left to the choice of the member to get the remedies done by the trust or elsewhere. Consultation over phone can also we had incase of need round the clock the member can have a plant that he is indicated as per his birth star, in the Astro-medicinal plantation by paying Rs.300-/ or $5.They will be given a comprehensive health insurance card on the prescribed amount.Such card holders are entitled for a free treatment.This comprehensive health insurance is a unique health insurance.The name of the member will be exhibited near that plant. Nursing and maintenance of the plant will be taken care of by the Trust. Similarly, a member can spend some days in a year in the astro medicinal boarding and lodging are included in the amount. Special food based on the condition of the body of the member will be supplied. Treatment will also be provided in case system needs. The fee payable is $2000/-for persons living in India.

MEMBER FOR DISTANT HEALING THERAPY: In addition to the benefits of a life member, a member of DHT will have the facility of getting treatment for immediate relief of his/her suffering while staying in his/her house itself. The fee payable is $2000 for Foreigners and Rs.15000/- for persons living in India.

MEMBERSHIP FOR VEDIC THERAPY: In addition to the benefits of a life member, a member of Vedic Therapy will have the facility of getting Ayushya Homam done by the Trust every year on his/her Birthday generally disease free life as well as other problems free in the life during that year. This is subject to some conditions that will be specified in the enrollment form. In case problems like family relations, finance etc. are intimated in advance, Homam will be performed for vitiating the problems in addition to the Ayushya Homam. The fee payable is $2500 for Foreigners and Rs.20000/- for persons living in India.

Separate membership is to be taken for Distant Healing Therapy and Vedic Therapy.


One Day At A Time

Help me belive in what I could be and all that I am. Show me the stairway I have to climb;Lord,for my sake teach me to take one day at a time.

A Thought

Tomorrow is just an idea but today is happening right now!

Ramachandrula Chandra Shekar