It is no doubt that modern medicine out beaten the other therapies in treating surgical and emergency cases. However, in critical cases the patient and his/her people, generally, resort to other therapies with or without the knowledge of the hospital authorities where he/she was admitted. In most of the cases success may be there, in few cases failure is due to non-synchronization of the different therapies adopted. These therapies are Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Unani and prayers as envisaged in various Religions, Pujas, Homams, Vibronic therapy, Jem, Water, Fruit juice, Magneto, Pyramid Therapy, etc. that are in vogue in various parts of the world. Some people also consult an astrologer and undertake remedial measures as suggested by the astrologer. Though it is not accepted the religious activities as therapies, it is a fact that they are also therapies in the sense that by performing them the bio-magnetic field in the body of the patient is changed and a conduced atmosphere is created for eliminating the disease from the body. Some doctors of the modern medicine in some critical cases are suggesting for other therapies. If there is coordination among the different therapies adopted to a patient, the success rate will be more and it will work as tertiary preventive medicine there by limiting the degree of disability and promoting rehabilitation in chronic and irreversible diseases.

Moreover, in the diseases like AIDS/HIV infections, cancer, etc. the cost of treatment is very high and not within the reach of the poor and middle class people. In such cases, if a group of therapies under Alternative Medicine are adopted, success can be achieved with a very low cost. Hence, the multi therapy approach is very useful to such patients.

In view of the above, the Trust has decided to adopt the multi therapy approach on an official line. While serving the poor and middle class people, the Trust wants to bring the efficiency of such therapies especially the Vedic ones, to limelight by recording the affects with the help of modern gadgets.

Every individual is prone to some disease or the other.Everyone of us are aware of the current diseases and the caution of global warming.Due to this global warming and the reduction of ozone in the atmosphere the people will face even more health problems in the near future.These health problems are caused due to the radiations of sun and which have no cure.Keeping in view all the current and future health problems we have preventive medicines to avoid future problems and powerful medicines to cure the current problems.This is also a unique way of treating the health problems


One Day At A Time

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Ramachandrula Chandra Shekar