The Trust welcome help from people who are interested in the activities of the Trust. They can help by Donating in cash or kind in which case the names of the donors will be exhibited in the premises of the Trust, Buildings or Wards will be named after the Donors in case they desire and also provide free consultation/treatment as per the rules of the Trust. Persons interested can render free service like providing medical assistance through the clinics of the Trust or arrange for admitting interested persons as members or helping raising donations to the Trust or render either technical or desk assistance to the Trust during their leisure time. They can also have nominal remuneration for the services. A person can extend help in the following ways:
  • By contributing in cash or in kind for the construction of rooms or buildings or purchase of equipment or furniture or implements.
  • By becoming a life member and avail the services of the Trust.
  • By propagating the activities of the Trust and getting admitted their friends and relatives as members of the Trust.
  • By motivating friends and relatives for contributing in cash or kind.
  • By joining in any capacity as an employee of the Trust can get a livelihood.
  • BY providing consulting services in technical fields.
  • By rendering free or paid services periodically.
  • By contributing for the establishment and maintenance of the medicinal plantation.
  • By sponsoring a child for preventive medicine by paying Rs.150/-. Preventive medicine for 5 years will be given to the child.
  • By paying an amount of persons choice. The amount will be invested and interest there on will be spent on giving free medicine to the poor every year on any day of donors choice. The name of the donor or a name of the donor's choice will be displayed on a board in the premises of the hospital on the day of distribution of free medicine.
A donor can have certain services from the Trust depending on the type of donation he/she makes. In case of bulk donations, wards/buildings/rooms will be named after the name of the donor or a name suggested by him.


One Day At A Time

Help me belive in what I could be and all that I am. Show me the stairway I have to climb;Lord,for my sake teach me to take one day at a time.

A Thought

Tomorrow is just an idea but today is happening right now!

Ramachandrula Chandra Shekar